Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hitman Contracts Review

Hitman Contracts is the second game from the Hitman Trilogy HD that I finished. Hitman Contracts is a bit shorter than Silent Assassin. I chose to play this game on Professional difficulty. The other thing I did different was the missions. This time I tried to get the Silent Assassin rating for every mission. This game offers more possibilities to complete a mission. Thanks to the many possibilities to a mission you can really do it on your own way. If you want to blow up your targets, you can place a bomb on their car. If explosions aren't your style, you can poison the food of your target. But if you prefer to see your target, you can snipe him or strangle it.

The graphics of this game are highly improved if you compare it to the other games. The only thing that isn't converted to HD for some reason are several cutscenes. I can't understand why they didn't convert them. Getting the Silent Assassin rating wasn't very difficult to get on most mission. I think the main reason for this is the improvements on the moving and killing system, you can do much more, but the AI isn't is much changed. From the twelve missions I got seven times the Silent Assassin rating so they are a bit too easy, although I played on Professional.

One of the new tools I like from this game is the syringe. With the syringe you can sedate enemies, so they don't die. The sedated enemy won't wake up anymore in your mission. The big advantage is that the sedated enemy doesn't count for your rating, because he didn't die and he isn't harmed.

I could recommend this game to everybody who likes to play a stealth game and for those who like a challenge: play this game on Professional and don't give up too soon. If you need to do a mission ten times to finish it, it's only an advantage because you train yourself really good.

Written by: WZ

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