Thursday, May 2, 2013

Disc or download?

If you are going to buy a new game, you can choose to buy it on disc or download it. Both types of buying games have their own advantages. Buying a game on disc gives you a little book, although they are most of the time not interesting. Another big advantage is the possibility to borrow games from friends or to friends. Borrowing games is a good way to play many games without buying them all. The disadvantage is the space. Ten discs is ok, it doesn't cost much space. But if you have thirty, and you have thirty games quite quick, it will cost you nearly half a meter or 1.6 foot in the width. You can also damage the disc. If you do that your game is broken, and that is the last you want.

Downloading a game has the opposite advantages and disadvantages of a disc, the advantages are the space a digital game uses: nearly nothing, only your computer or your console to store them and the disadvantages are no possibility to borrow a game and no little book. Downloading also has some more disadvantages: the installment can fail, and then you need to install it again. Your store could also be a problem, my PS3 for example has 320 GB space, and I used 220 GB in a half year. My most games are downloads because of PlayStation Plus.

I prefer to buy games on disc, because I like to have a game in my hands, and you can play your new game much faster because you don't need to download a game and install it. Which one do you prefer, disc or download?

Written by: WZ

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1 comment:

  1. i prefer disc and i think its because you get something physical when you buy it