Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let's Play Mass Effect 3 part 4

Already part four of the Let's Play! I'm with the Priority missions halfway and with the side missions a bit further then halfway. I still love the game, it's so beautiful, good and balanced. But that will come in a review.

I have a new assault rifle: the M-76 Revenant. What a beast! Perfect for killing extreme amounts of enemies. The gun fires at a high rate and deals many damage. It's full automatic, I like full automatic more then semi-automatic. Before I had the M-76 I used a M-15 Vindicator, which is semi-automatic. The M-15 shoots in bursts of three bullets. They biggest disadvantage of the M-76 is the recoil, it's terrible. I installed a reduced recoil mod which reduces the recoil by 30%, but still it's quite annoying.

I still didn't try the multiplayer, but I must say I don't play often multiplayer on any game. I'm more a single player. At Priority Tuchancka you need to activate two buttons at the end, which are guarded by a huge Reaper and six Brutes. I looked at several sites to see what tactics they used. All they said to kill all Brutes. That's nearly impossible because they have too much armor to kill them quick, it will cost you several magazines. So I chose to kill them not, but run as fast as possible to the buttons. And it worked!!! Without dying by the way. My teammates didn't like the tactic I used, they both died before I activated the first button. For more Mass Effect 3, stay tuned!

Extra: check these nails!

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