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Rome Total War 2 Factions

Total War: Rome 2 contains a wide range of factions, each with their own specialty, background and political system. All of these cultures are different from each other: we've got barbarians, the men from the east, Romans, Punics, Egyptians, Greeks… All factions have their strengths and weaknesses and that's not all! Some factions have different playable families so players can decide how they play the game, for example: you could have a Roman family that's very strong on the economic field, but it lacks military power. This can provide some interesting situations!
Well, that was enough speculation! The Creative Assembly announced eight playable factions, I'll show you all of them and I will give some information about them!

1. Rome "Power, honor and duty."
Well, this is the dominating faction in Italy. They are famous for their organization, discipline and tactics. They are all-around: they've got superb infantry, weak/moderate cavalry and some support (archers and catapults). This is a faction where you can choose a family: the Julia, Cornelia and the Junia. All with their strengths and weaknesses!

2. Carthage "Democracy, trade and religion."
The Punics were originally Phoenicians (they come from Lebanon/Syria), they are known for their power on the sea. That's the reason why they are such good merchants. Most of the people know this faction for it's elephants and their Sacred Band of Carthage, the elite forces! This faction also contains three families, just like the Romans.

3. Macedon "Glory, order and power."
We all know the Macedons, a cool faction that lies above the three (major) Greek cities. Nobody trusts them because of all their attempts to rule Illyria, Thracia and the Greek cities. They excel in the military field, but they are very weak on sea. The Macedons have some cool advantages: they are superb when fighting Hellenistic factions and Barbarians! That's why I think Macedon will rule Greece and eastern Europe.

4. Iceni "Iron, conquer and pride."
A Celtic tribe which ruled a province near Norwich, they are the same as the British faction from RTW. But hey, they've got chariots, brave swordsmen and some special units. Are the druids going to make their comeback? We'll see!

5.  Averni "Religion, dignity and power." 
Another (Celtic) tribe, which lies in Gaul. They rule the centre of Gaul, they are famous for their (strict) social system and their light spearmen. They have plenty of opportunities: they can expand to Rome, Spain, Britain and to the Germans. It'll be pretty cool when you can reunite all the tribes from Gaul to conquer Italy!

6. Suebi "Blood, nobility and courage."
A German faction which contains a lot of smaller tribes. They are feared for their warfare: they don't surrender! They will use, just like the Averni, spears (not all of them ofcourse). They resemble the Germans from Rome Total war and I don't think that they are changed that much.

7. Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt "Legacy, independence, ability."
Indeed, the Greek kingdom formed after the death of Alexander the Great. His empire was divided between his generals and Egypt was given to Ptolemy, the Greek and Egyptian culture was mixed after that and…  Everybody knows it, so I won't go on. The "Egyptians" have a balanced army: spearmen, swords and elephants. Their marine is also one of their strengths. The perfect faction? No, they have some internal problems between the Greeks and Egyptians. So expect rebellions! An interesting faction!

8. Parthians "Tolerance, justice and profit." 
They were once mighty, but they are weak now. Are you the leader who's going to build a strong army to lead the Parthians to glory? The Parthians have some amazing capabilities: their cavalry and their archers. They are a mixed culture and you can see that in their armies: they can recruit groups from different cultures.
So, thats all for now. We will keep you up to date!

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