Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Play Hitman Trilogy HD

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is the first Hitman game I've ever played. Today I finished, much quicker than I thought. I played the game on Normal, so that must be the reason that I finished the game in three days. This game is so good, I love it! In the beginning my gameplay was terrible, I couldn't succeed in killing nobody and stay hidden. In Hitman it isn't necessary to play stealth. If you want to use your Machine Gun and kill every moving thing, you can do it, but it isn't very enjoyable.
All the contracts are different and great fun to play. Every mission has several ways to complete it and you need to find the best way by yourself. The only thing provided by the makers of the game are the objectives. The best kill is made without using a gun, because a gun spreads blood and that's detected guards, so you need to kill somebody different. That's why you have Fiber Wire. With Fiber Wire you can strangle enemies. They won't make sound and the environment stays clean. The only problem is that you need that body. Most of the time you can drag a body behind some crate or a wall. And then you need to hope that there is nobody who detects the body.

Today I started Hitman: Contracts after finishing Silent Assassin. The first thing I noticed when I started Contracts was the improved graphics, it's a huge difference. The controls are different and that's quite difficult. The L2 button is in Silent Assassin sprinting, but in Contracts it's sneaking. I didn't play Contracts very long so I can't tell much. Luckily for you I have still fifty Hitman contracts to do in three games, so you will hear much about the series!

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