Saturday, April 27, 2013

A new author

The great announcement from today is that this blog has a new author! This means that there will be more posts. The new author wrote a little article to introduce himself:

"I am Youri and I like to write, game and play sports. WZ asked me to be his co-writer, so here I am. I play all sorts of games: from shooters (Battlefield 3) to adventures (TES and Uncharted) and sport-games (NBA and FIFA). You can ask me everything about my set ups for BF3, my favorite players on FIFA and my favorite gaming characters. Please comment or mail your questions, so we can answer them!"

From now on you will see under the post who wrote it. If I post something you will see: 'Written by WZ'. If Youri posts something you will see under the post: 'Written by YP' or 'Written by WZ & YP'.

Written by WZ & YP

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