Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beyond: Two Souls Demo Review

Today it's the release day of Beyond: Two Souls. The demo of Beyond: Two Souls was released last week, so I gave the demo a try. The game follows a girl called Jodie. Jodie can communicate with an entity called Aiden. Aiden is always floating around Jodie.

When you start the first demo mission, Jodie is still a small girl. She is playing with her toys in a room. This game looks like a cutscene, but after a minute or something like that I discovered this wasn't a cutscene but the actual game. This game looks so realistic, it's just incredible. Every movement of a person looks so natural, I can barely believe that this is a game. The voice acting is very good and natural.

Beyond: Two Souls has no HUD. The developer helps you by placing luminous dots on points of interest. When there are no dots, you just need to guess what you need to do, which isn't wrong I think, it makes the game a puzzle. A good example of this is the second demo mission, where you need to escape the police. One of the parts of the mission is in a forest. The cops are searching you and you need to run, but where you need to run isn't told. After some time dodging trees I found a rock wall, but I wasn't fast enough to get up, so the cops got me, but I think that was the intention. No HUD and nearly no hints make the gameplay very restful. You don't get distracted by anything but important things.

The controls are very different than any other game. You walking and looking around is the same as any other game, but in this game you only need triangle, and for minigames R1, R2, L1 and L2. The rest of the buttons are useless. These minigames are used for anything other than walking and talking. Combat for example works by pushing your joystick in the direction of your movement. So if you see on your screen an enemy at your right hand side, you need to push your stick to the right to attack him. This system works terrible in the beginning, but when you get used to it, it works very natural. By pressing triangle you can switch between Jodie and Aiden.

Aiden has some strange powers, he can interact with objects by pulling, pushing or shaking them. Nobody except for Jodie knows that Aiden is around, so when you switch to him and you interact with objects, the NPCs look surprised or get scared. Aiden is a strange thing, but I don't understand his role in the game yet, but in the full game his role will get clear.

The Beyond: Two Souls Demo is very good. The characters look very realistic. The idea of having no HUD and nearly no guidance in the missions is restful and very helpful to see the most important things of the game. The controls are strange and get used to them is hard, but they work very natural. Aiden isn't clear for me, but this will be different in the main game. If you want a very nice game which is very enjoyable, buy this game!

Written by: WZ

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