Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's play Mass Effect 3 part 5

I'm still busy with Mass Effect 3. With the storyline I'm at approximately 75% and with the side mission I need to do about 10. The game isn't as difficult as it was in the beginning. Maybe that's because I found good tactics and have good weapons. Killing enemies is a lot easier now. With overload I destroy shields most of the time immediately.

In my squad I have most of the time Garrus and Ashley. They have the same weapons, a sniper and an assault rifle, but their powers are very different. The reason why I prefer two squadmates with an assault rifle is the power of them. Liara is also a very useful squadmate, but she dies more often than Ashley or Garrus and that is the same with EDI.

I tried also to get a relation with Specialist Traynor, but when I asked in a conversation I found out she is a lesbian person, and I'm male Shepard so that wasn't possible. After that I tried to get a relationship with Ashley and I have now a relation with her. I didn't had all cutscenes yet, but that will come.

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