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GTA V Billionaire Guide (updated)

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Money is very important in Grand Theft Auto Five. To buy some nice rides, a jet and a cinema, you need money, much money. In this guide I will tell you how to become a GTA V billionaire. There are several ways to get rich. The best one is using the stock market. For those who did the Lester Assassination missions and didn't get rich, skip to the next part, where I will explain how to get rich without the Lester Assassination missions.

After a certain point in the story you unlock the Lester Assassination missions. They are marked by a green 'L' on you map. The most important thing is to ignore them. Only the first mission is necessary to progress your story, the rest aren't. When you finish the game, you get $30 milion with every character. I know you want to spent it on awesome stuff, but don't do it! Now it's time for the most important part, by using the assassination missions you can get rich very fast. Follow the next steps:

  1. Spent all your money with every character on Debonaire (LCN) stocks.
  2. Do the Multi Target Assassination mission.
  3. Sell all your Debonaire stocks at 80% profit.
  4. Spent all your money with every character on Redwood (LCN) stocks.
  5. Sell all your Redwood stocks at 300% profit
That was the guide for mission two. My money was $30 million at the start, after step 3 I had $55 million and after step 5 I had $220 million with every character. For the next assassination mission, follow the next steps:
  1. Spent all your money with every character on Fruit (BAWSAQ) stocks.
  2. Do the Vice Assassination.
  3. Sell all your Fruit stocks at 50% profit.
When you sold at the right moment you will have approximately $330 million with every character. After this mission follow the next steps:
  1. Do the Bus Assassination.
  2. Spent all your money with every character on Vapid (BAWSAQ) stocks.
  3. Sell all your Vapid stocks at 100% profit.
You will have $660 million dollar right now, which is fantastic, but you can make more at this moment by doing the final steps:
  1. Spent all your money with every character on GoldCoast (LCN) stocks.
  2. Do the Construction Assassination.
  3. Sell all your GoldCoast stocks at 80% profit.
After these steps I had approximately $1.2 billion with every character. So, now you are incredibly rich, but what do you need to do with your money? I bought every piece of real estate. After that I bought private jets, yachts and sports cars with every character. Even know you can still get many more billions. I analyzed the BAWSAQ since I became billionaire and I found a way to get rich using the BAWSAQ.

The stocks on the BAWSAQ behave very predictable because real people buy the stocks. A good stock has several important characteristics:
  1. The price is lower than $100.
  2. The price went down the last week.
  3. Real life websites talk about it.
I will explain every point. The first one is very easy to explain. When you go to the supermarket you see two chocolate bars, number one has a price of $0.30 and number two has a price of $3.00. Their taste is nearly the same and their weight is the same. I'm sure most of you will buy the $0.30 chocolate bar. With stocks works the same. The BAWSAQ stocks which are cheaper than $100 change much more in percentage than the ones which are more than $1000. The Hawk and Little stock for example had a price of approximately $4 two weeks ago. One and a half week ago the price was $10, and now they are at $24. PiƟwasser went up in one week from $15 to $48. Bleeter changed last week from $5180 to $5140, that's not a big change, because it's expensive, and people don't like expensive stocks.

Number two is the most important one. It's very important that a stock went down last week, because that means that many people sold their stock. After many people sold their stock there are more buyers than sellers, so the price will go up. What I've seen is that the time of selling stocks lasts for about one week. A dropping line doesn't look good, because it gets steeper every day. That has a very logic reason: when you see that your stock drops, you want to sell it. Every day more people discover that their stock drops, so more people sell their stock. The more people selling a stock, the more it will drop, but the dropping of stock will stop quite unexpected on the BAWSAQ. Take a look at the Crevis stock on the screenshot, you will see a period of dropping, and than a very unpredictable rise very fast. The reason that a stock rises so fast is because many people see that it was at an all time low, so they thought probably that it won't drop further, and that means time to buy stocks. From this moment you will basically see the same as at a dropping stock. The line of the graph will grow steeper and steeper, and than it will flatten, and everything starts again from the top of this paragraph.

The last point is a bit strange. The last weeks many communities around the internet were created to influence and watch the BAWSAQ. When GTA V was released, many websites said that you needed to buy AmmuNation, because they said that is will rise very much because everybody buys weapons. This isn't true, but the stock rose tens of dollars in the first week because everybody bought the stock. It's quite popular to influence the stocks using many people. Look for example a look here and here. Stocks which are discussed on the internet are much more unstable I found out, so take a good look around the internet if you want to know which stocks are unstable.

The stock market worked very for me, I bought one month ago stocks for a total of $1.1 billion with Michael. At the moment they have a worth of $9.3 billion, but yesterday they had a worth of $11 billion. At the screenshot (sorry for the quality) you can see the amazing worth of the stocks. So you probably wonder why I haven't sold my stocks yet. At first I sold the dropping stock, that was Hawk and Little (HAL). After selling them, I only had $2147483648. After some research I found out that your money in GTA V is stored in a signed 32 bit integer. That means that you can have a maximum of $2^31, which is $2147483648. So I reached maximum money, but that isn't a problem for me. The problem is that I still had the stocks which were left, but they were worthless. When I sold them I got $0, but they were still in my portfolio. That was problem one, but there is another, bigger problem with the cash limit. If a signed integer needs to store a number bigger than 2^31, it reduces it's worth with 2^32, which means that you will have -$2147483648 instead of $2147483648! So when you get any money after you reached the limit, you're bankrupt. Be warned: Don't get more than $2147483648 or you will be bankrupt!

The last thing I want to tell you is that you can follow the stocks outside of your game. When you have a Rockstar Social Club account you can go to this link. The clever people of this world also created apps for Android and iOS:

GTA BAWSAQ (Android, Free)

Personal Stock Tracker BAWSAQ (iOS, Free)

Do you want to get tips or investment advice? Become member of the BAWSAQ Google Plus Community!

Written by: WZ

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