Thursday, May 23, 2013

GTA V pre-order bonuses!

Great news today! Rockstar announced the GTA V pre-order bonuses! They are very cool, so I'm going to tell you everything about them. Everybody who pre-orders the game gets the opportunity to fly the Atomic Blimp. The Atomic Blimp is a huge zeppelin which is always flying above Los Santos as advertisement for Atomic, the largest tyre manufacturer of Los Santos. The Atomic Blimp looks nice, but because it's a Zeppelin it probably won't be very fast, but you will have a great view from this huge zeppelin. If the Atomic Blimp is a hydrogen zeppelin, you can't crash it, because hydrogen will explode when it meets air and crashing means a leaking zeppelin.

GTA V Special Edition
The Special Edition costs $79.99. With the Special Edition you will get the following stuff:

  • A copy of the game.
  • A steelbook with artwork. The artwork on the steelbook is unique to the steelbook and never shown before.
  • A blueprint map. The blueprint map is a map of Los Santos and Blaine Country. It contains special and useful points on the map to get where you can get easy cash for example. It is 21.5” by 26.75”, so also ideal as a poster for your wall.
  • Special ability boost (in-game). Every character has it's own special ability, and with this boost it will regenerate 25% quicker.
  • Stunt Plane trials (in-game). There are several extra stunt plane trials on the map thanks to this bonus.
  • Bonus outfits, tattoos and special deals (in-game). Every character gets several new clothes and new tattoos. Shopkeepers also offer you special deals.
  • More weapons (in-game). When you visit the Ammunation, these weapons will be always available for free: a Pistol .50, a Bullpup Shotgun and a melee Hammer.
GTA V Collector’s Edition
The Collector's Edition is the most expensive edition of all, it costs $149.99. With the Collectors Edition you will get the stuff from the Special Edition and the following stuff:

  • A security deposit bag with a logo key. The security deposit bag is made to store important items, according to Rockstar. I think it's just a wallet with a key lock.
  • Grand Theft Auto V New Era 9FIFTY™ Snapback Cap. Terrible name but it's the coolest thing of all! The Los Santos cap is better than all those baseball caps. It's looking great.
  • Custom characters for the GTA Online Character Creation System (in-game), whatever that is.
  • Unique Vehicles and Garage Property (in-game). With this piece of content you get some extra vehicles, such as a hotrod and an extra garage to store your extra vehicles.
Great special edition, I think, not those useless stuff which you dump in a corner and where look never at after the first time. The Collector's Edition is my favorite, because of the cap and the ingame content, which is also awesome, but the price is too high for me, so maybe the Special Edition will be my choise. Which one are you going to pre-order? You can pre-order GTA V here:

Written by: WZ

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