Friday, April 26, 2013

Assassin's Creed 3: The Tyranny of King Washington is an alternative history based on the American Revolution. In this alternative history George Washington doesn't become president, but he makes himself king. Mister Washington uses the Apple of Eden to gain power over people. The Tyranny of King Washington contains three DLC's. Each DLC has a price of $9.99 or €9.99 or 800 Microsoft points. For seasonpass holders is the DLC free. I bought the seasonpass so I can play all the DLC's of my favorite series!

The Infamy
The Infamy is the first episode of The Tyranny of King Washington. Every DLC contains a animal power, in this DLC it is the power of the wolf. With the power of the wolf you have the possibility to become invisible. While you are invisible you lose health. In wolf mode you can very easy escape enemies. If you use your hands or your hidden blade you can kill enemies without leaving wolf mode. If you use any other weapon to make a kill you will be visible again. There are several new people in this DLC, such as Teiowí:sonte. Teiowí:sonte is the guy you see on the picture right. I prefer to call him 'Chocolate man' because of the chocolate hand on his face. Maybe is Teiowí:sonte the discoverer of chocolate spread and did he enjoyed eating the chocolate spread so much that his hands were full of it, and then he touched his face. Chocolate man is an indian and the brother of Kahionhaténion.

The Betrayal
The second episode is The Betrayal. In the Betrayal you are in Boston. The animal power of this DLC is the Power of the Eagle. With the Power of the Eagle you can fly across small gaps. The Power of the Eagle controls work very easy so you learn fast to use it. A big disadvantage of the Power of the Eagle is that you don't freerun very much anymore, because using the Power of the Eagle makes it possible to move much faster through the city and you can evade enemies very quick so it's the best option to move across Boston. The mission is this game are a bit tougher. I think the quality of the missions is higher. They have a better story than the missions from The Infamy.

The Redemption
The final episode of The Tyranny of King Washington is The Redemption. In the final episode you are in New York to hunt for King Washington. Your special animal power is the Power of the Bear. With the Power of the Bear you create a shockwave which blasts enemies away. The nearby enemies will die instant and the enemies who are further away will only have damage. New York is different than in the normal story, because King Washington made a pyramid in the middle of the city. The pyramid is the new home of Washington and his base of opperations. The DLC starts with a sea mission, one of my favorite parts of the game. You need to shoot many ships in this mission, I loved it! When you're on shore you have mission who look much like the missions of the other DLC's: help the people to gain their trust and help and then hunt down the bad guy from the DLC. The missions aren't very fun to play and very good. In every DLC the mission are focust around the animal power, and in this one the animal power is perfect for mass destruction of enemies, so you need to kill often tens of enemies at a time.

The Tyranny of King Washington is a very good range of DLC's which are all great fun to play. The big advantage of all three DLC's is the variation on the Assassin's Creed concept. The animal powers are brilliantly made and work good. The disadvantages are the price of the DLC's. For each DLC a price of $9.99 or €9.99 or 800 Microsoft points is too much. For sure if you know that every DLC is maximum three hours short.

+Great fun
+Good variation
+Animal powers
-Too short

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