Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's Play Mass Effect 3

Friday I started playing with one of my Playstation Plus presents of March: Mass Effect 3. I chose for the ultimate challenge: playing on Insanity. I never played a game at the highest difficulty before, so this is new to me. Until now it's difficult, but I can handle it.

The game looks beautiful. The enemies move on a natural way and they also have some kind of intelligence. I died several times and after I came back to the enemies, they chose a different spot to hide, but also chose to attack on a different way. Sometimes they shot from cover, sometimes they shot while standing in the middle of the room or area.

Another thing I like about the game is the peaceful part. You don't shoot all the time, sometimes you walk on a forgotten place on Mars, or talk with somebody at the relax Citadel. I like it that the game has relax moments. It keeps the tension down and let's you think about tactics.

I will keep you up to date about my gameplay experiences of Mass Effect 3.
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Game
I'm no rich guy who can buy every new game that comes out, so I won't review many full games. Today I'm going to review the Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel Demo. It's 1.7 GB so most of you will have space to download this demo. In The Devil's Cartel you fight against a Mexican drug cartel, La Guadaña. This third person shooter uses the Frostbite 2 engine, which we know from Battlefield 3, so we will get good graphics. The demo is coöp.

Time to play!
The demo starts with a cool promotion video. After that you get an introduction to the moment where you start to play. The graphics of the game look good. You need to kill groups of enemies, several times in the demo. I think the aiming too easy. Without doing my best the half of my kills was a headshot. I hope that the full game has diffilculty settings because this is just too easy.

A nice thing I noticed was environmental damage. If you shoot several bullets at a pillar it will break in pieces. Wood is also breakable. The playing area of the game was an abandoned factory. The factory didn't allow me to chose a way to attack my enemies. There were nearly no options to chose from if you encountered a group of enemies. I must say that the factory had nice textures.

I chose to play in Solo mode, that's means that I'm playing with a AI-player. That AI-player isn't a nice team-mate. He doesn't react with the living player. He doesn't kill many opponents and after everybody is dead, he runs away. Mister AI doesn't wait for me. My intention is not to finish a game as fast as I can, but mister AI wants to, and if I don't follow, I'm told that I need to follow him. But if I want to enjoy the environment, I will do. I think it would be more fun if mister AI followed me, since I'm the one playing the game.

At the end you do some awesome shooting from a helicopter. That is a nice part, but easy, just like the rest of the demo. I didn't need to aim precise to kill all the enemies at the helicopter shooting. It's a spectacular part, with much explosions, but again mister AI didn't do anything. I never saw him killing an enemy.

I think the Army of TWO The Devil's Cartel Demo is a cool demo, but the AI is annoying and the possibilities to attack a group of guys are too limited.

You can find an album of the demo here (sorry for the bad quality, I don't have a screen capture device): Album
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's play Far Cry 3

The last days I played Far Cry 3. It was a long time ago so I taught it would be nice to do this game again. I did an outpost reset because I already captured every outpost and the island was boring without enemies. And then I captured every outpost again. The load-out I used was a bow, a Bushman, a Ripper and a Z93 with silencer and extended mags. I like this load-out because it's good for silent, but if you are in combat it's a total destruction load-out!

If you are in trouble the Ripper is ideal. It shoots many bullets per seconds but it deals also loads of damage. I use in battle the most of the time the Bushman. It deals a nice amount of damage and it has a good accuracy and range. The Bushman is a silenced weapon so theoretical you could stay hidden while cleaning Rook island, but I never succeeded. I have the Z93 in my inventory because it's an ideal silence weapon. Most of the time a search a nice place on a hill near the outpost and use stones to lure enemies away to remote places inside the camp. After killing several guys with a sniper I go to the camp and kill the last enemies with the bow or the Bushman. That is how I play Far Cry 3.

What do you think about Far Cry 3? Post it in the comments!
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Google Plus

I made a Google Plus page so you could +1 my blog! Page
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Playstation Plus review

Playstation Plus is a service from Playstation that gives you games. You pay fifty euro a year for a subscription or fifteen euro for ninety days. Every month you get free games. This month is Mass Effect 3 free for example. You are likely to think that the free games you get are not good, but that is not true. The last year games like Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands, Bioshock 2 and Red Dead Redemption were free. You don't only get free games, but also you unlock some extra system features. The extra system features are:
  • Automatic patch downloading and installing
  • Automatic save game uploading
Furthermore you get Playstation Store discounts. Most of the time you get between ten and 25 percent discount if you get it. You also get access to closed beta's, more avatars and more backgrounds. Last but not least you also get the opportunity to download a full game for free and play it for 60 minutes, so you can look if you like the game.

I think Playstation Plus is really worth it's price because of the things you get for free and the automatic system features are really useful. So get to your local game store and buy Playstation Plus!
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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Welcome to this blog. I will post about my gaming experiences on this blog and I will review games. Soon there will be more posts so this blog becomes more interesting!
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