Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let's play Mass Effect 3 part 6

Finally I finished all side missions. The most of them were Citadel missions. The only thing I needed to do for them was launching a probe at the right place on the right planet. The N7 missions were very good, but a bit short. I started the Priority: Cerberus Headquarters mission, so from now on I can't access the Citadel anymore, sadly enough. The Citadel is a beautiful place with is very restful. Thanks to my weapons the big enemies, such as Brutes and Atlas Mechs aren't a big deal. Yesterday I killed a Atlas Mech in 30 seconds. That's quite quick, the first time I was very surprised how easy it went.

The mission at earth was a very tough one. There were many enemies per wave, most of the fime ten Cannibals, four Marauders and some extra enemies for example several Brutes or Banshees. Sadly enough my teammates couldn't survive very good at earth. They died often and that was very annoying, because I needed to revive them to use their powers. I like the idea to save the earth, it feels very heroic when you reach the end of the mission. You saved the earth. I like that idea. The final cutscenes were very good, good story and nicely designed.

But then I had the choice: Destruction of the Reapers, Control the Reapers or Synthesize organics and synthetics. I wanted the choose for Destruction, but then I shot a thing (I don't say what or who, because that will reveal the whole story) and I got a new cutscene, although I didn't choose one of the three options. After that I got several cutscenes and then the credits. So I made no choice, but I finished the game. I didn't got the trophies from finishing the game and finishing the game on Insanity. After the credits I was placed back to my save from before the moment when I started the earth mission. It makes me quite angry that I could 'finish' the game because I shot a bullet. When I feel that I want to do the earth mission again, I will do it, but not now.

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