Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Earn to Die iOS

Today it's time for to review the first mobile game: Earn to Die. Earn to Die has a Lite version, you can play it until you reached the end of level one. The full version costs $0.99 or €0.89. I knew Earn to Die already from the web version so I already knew what I could expect. Earn to Die has an iOS app and an Android app. I'm playing the game on my iPod Touch 4g.

The game
In the begin you get an simple car which doesn't have a big range. If you drive you earn money for distance and for killing zombies. You always earn enough money to buy a upgrade. After a while my first car was fully upgraded so I needed to buy the next one. And that happened seven times, because there are eight cars. That is a disadvantage of this game: it's often the same. You don't need to do very much, only holding 'Accelerate' is enough to reach good scores.

Beating story mode costs about 3 hours. After you completed story mode you can play Halloween mode and Campaign mode. In Halloween mode you need to destroy pumpkins laying in the levels. In Campaign mode you get a limited budget to upgrade a car. When you upgraded your car you need to drive one of the levels as fast as you can. If you connect to Game Centre you will see the times of your friends so you can try to beat them. The game is very spectacular because of the explosions, the flying parts of zombies, jumps and structures you can drive through.

Sadly the developers don't update the game any more, the last update was nearly half a year ago. The game could easily be update several times a year by adding new levels and new vehicles. If they chose to do that the game would be longer, because I think it's currently a bit short, and they keep the game interesting, so it's also for their own advantage.

If you search a spectacular game with a high replay worth, you don't need to search further. The only disadvantages are: too easy, too short and much the same.

I also made a screenshot album: Album

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