Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hitman Blood Money Review

Hitman Blood Money is the last game from the Hitman Trilogy. Again the biggest difference with the previous Hitman games is the graphics. They look pretty good for a PlayStation 2 game. The possibilities in this Hitman are great. You can do every mission on many ways, because there are many routes to get to a place and to kill an enemy. Hitman can freerun on a simple way, there are several points in every map where you can climb a fence or walk over a ledge. If you are freerunning and you are spotted, you have a big problem. But if you aren't spotted you can avoid many guards and dangerous points on the map. The maps are designed on a great way, I love the freedom you got to do a contract. While doing a mission it sometimes felt like a free-roam game.

The AI is too agressive I think. When you are discovered, you will be immediately shot by multiple enemies. The upgrading of weapons is a great addition to the tactics of the game. You start with a single Silverballer, but at the end I had a semiautomatic, magnum bullet shooting, silenced, scoped, laser equipped and extended magazine dual Silverballer. At the end one shot was enough to kill, but thanks to the semiautomatic upgrade I could handle groups of enemies with much more ease.

Hitman Blood Money is the best Hitman I played until now, thanks to it's great level designs, many possibilities and weapon upgrades. A big disadvantage is the aggressive AI.

Written by: WZ

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