Saturday, May 11, 2013

Carmageddon Mobile Review

In 1997 Carmageddon was released. Carmageddon is a race game, but different. You can win a race on three ways: drive through all checkpoints, wreck all opponents or kill all people. Carmageddon was a very controversial game, because running over people was rewarded. The release version in several countries was censored: people were replaced by zombies and robots, because killing non-human objects wasn't as bad as killing humans. Over the whole world politics asked for new laws for violent video games. Eventually the game was banned in several countries. In 2012 Carmageddon was released on iOS. The release on iOS is very remarkable because Apple banned the game from Mac. Yesterday Carmageddon was released for Android.

The first thing you see is the very friendly devil. I love the devil, he is so evil, the perfect devil in my opinion. When you start you have two cars, you can unlock the rest by wrecking your opponents and sometimes you get their car if you wreck it. The controls of the app are not user friendly. The buttons are too small for my fingers, and I don't have very big fingers. After several races I got more used to the controls. Of course you can use the accelerometer for steering, which works much better for steering.

The environments and vehicles are not very nice, but I didn't expect good graphics, because it's a game from 1997. At the top left corner you see your character, Max Damage or Die Anna. The funny thing is the face from your character, it changes while playing. If you crash, you see the head hitting you screen for example. While racing (or crashing) you can repair your car at all times. Repairing your costs money so you need to try to damage your vehicle not too much if you want to buy upgrades. The game is great fun to play. I was laughing often because of the weird crashes, crazy faces and awesome stunts.

Carmageddon Mobile is a very enjoyable game, sadly the controls aren't very user friendly. The great things about this game are the fun while playing, the face of the driver and you can repair your car at any time, which is ideal in a Demolition Derby like game.

Written by: WZ

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