Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grid 2

Five years ago Codemasters released Race Driver: Grid. Race Driver: Grid was a very cool game, and now there is Grid 2. Grid 2 was released on 28 May in the US and will be released on 31 May in Europe. Grid 2 takes place in the World Series Racing, a fictional cup. The World Series Racing (WSR) creates a story around your races. While racing you will be 'filmed' and placed on a fictional YouTube. On this way you will be discovered and you grow to the international racing series. I think this is a great way to create a story behind a racing game.

The game looks great, the cars look very realistic. If you crash, the damage looks also very realistic. The environments look very nice. It's still great that the developers can take even more out of the console with every new game. The game has several game modes, such as drift, elimination but also LiveRoutes. With LIveRoutes the route change every lap. In lap one you can have a left-right corner, but in lap two it could be possible that you have a right-left corner. I love the idea and I'm sure that it works good.

For some reason you can't tune your car, you can only change the exterior of your car. It's sad that they took out the possibility to tune your car, because a better car is always nice. The multiplayer has a separate garage than the single player, so if you finish the single player, you need to start all over again with the multiplayer. The game isn't purely focused on realism, Codemasters searched for a good balance between realism and fun. Sadly I didn't play this game yet, but I'm sure it's good. Did you play this game already?

Written by: WZ

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