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DLCs, nowadays every game has several of them. The price is varying from free to $20, but are they worth it? It depends on the content. Some DLCs offer a gun or a suit, others offer land expansions or an extra storyline. In this feature I will try to solve the question whether DLCs are worth their price.

Free DLCs
Free DLCs are often released as an extra for the loyal players. A free DLC isn't much more than a gun and a suit, or a new vehicle. Most of the time you won't miss anything if you don't download a free DLC. I always download the free DLCs of a game, because I love free things.

Cheap DLCs (less than $2)
Cheap DLCs offer most of the time the same sort of content as free DLCs. I think they aren't worth their price, because you don't get anything useful.

Medium priced DLCs (less than $10)
The medium priced DLCs offer most of the time much new content. The Zodiac Tournament Pack of Sleeping Dogs offers for example a new island, new enemies, new outfits, new collectibles and new arena's. The price of this DLC is $5. It's an okay DLC according to the reviews, not very good, not bad. If you don't download that DLC you won't miss any cool or great things. Medium priced DLC are often a good addition to your gameplay, they offer enough content to keep yourself busy for maximum five hours.

Expensive DLCs (more than $10)
Expensive DLCs are not very much released because they don't sell as good as medium priced DLCs. Expensive DLCs contain very much content and are most of the time from a high quality. The Skyrim DLC Dragonborn for example has a price of $20. You get a new location, 7 new story-missions, 28 new side-missions, 30 new weapons, the possibility to fly dragons and much more. The Dragonborn DLC is from a high quality and is great to play. The DLC offers tens of hours gameplay and you can see the Dragonborn DLC nearly as a new game because of it's size.

Is a DLC worth its price?
It depends on it's content. If you get a gun for $1, a DLC isn't worth it's price, but if you pay $20 for tens of hours great fun and many new things to do, you should consider buying the DLC. The most important thing is what you think by yourself about a DLC. If you like a gun from $1, buy it and if you hate to play Skyrim even more, don't buy the DLC.

What do you think about DLCs?

Written by: WZ

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