Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

A month ago I wrote about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Last week this game was released for $15 or €15. I bought the game last weekend for €12 because of a PlayStation Plus discount. The loading screens feature great quotes such as 'You need ammunition to shoot' or 'The hints on the loading screen give hints'. Finally there is a developer who doesn't want to help you with tips in the loading screen. The humor of the game is fantastic. While doing the tutorial Rex wants to get away. You get totally useless explanations such as 'To look around, look around'. After you 'learned' all basics you get dozens of pop-up messages who are extreme annoying, and you get also a message which says it's annoying that you get messages. Great humor!

The game is sadly just a skinned version of Far Cry 3. The enemies don't move different or shoot different. It's not a big deal, because the enemy AI is good. The cars only have different colours and neon strips. The skins are very cool, they are all dark, but have bright lights in them which looks very cool in the dark world of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. The world of this game is too dark, when there is something in the shadow it is sometimes very hard to see what it is.

Rex Colt is totally overpowered. You can run and with a speed of 22 mph or 36 km/h and crouch with a speed of 6 mph or 10 km/h. Rex can jump approximately 10 feet or 3 meters high. Because you can jump so high you can make a kill from above on an enemy by jumping in front of him, which is very useful. Basicly you can kill everyone by jumping on him and sprinting to the next enemy, without losing much health. Your health is also extremely much. At the beginning you have 4 bars of health and then it's still not easy to die, but at the end you have 16 lives, and I dying is even more difficult with 16 lives. Rex can breathe forever under water, which is ideal for sneaking up on enemies on a boat. The overpower of Rex is awesome in combination with the Blood Dragons.

The Blood Dragons are the coolest thing of this game. They are huge, have extreme amounts of lives and are extremely powerful. When they are green, they don't see anybody and they are 'friendly'. When they turn yellow, they are suspecting something and when they are red, you've got a problem. Blood Dragons fire a huge laser beam which burns and blasts everything away, except Rex, he can survive the bursts very long. When they come close they will hit you with their giant claws. Killing them is difficult, but with the KillStar it's quite easy.

The KillStar is an awesome weapon which you get in the last mission. With the KillStar you can fire a laser beam which is the same as the one from the Blood Dragon, which means total destruction! The only thing you need to do to clear a group of enemies is hold the trigger and turn slowly around, you kill everything and everybody with this over the top, overpowered laser beam.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a very good game which has great humor, awesome overpowers, great Blood Dragons and the KillStar is the coolest weapon ever. Sadly the only big thing that changed are the skins and the world is too dark.

Written by: WZ

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