Sunday, June 2, 2013

Game Releases June

This month's game releases are exciting, although there aren't much releases this month. The first game will be released on 7 June and it is Remember Me. In Remember Me you play Nilin. Nilin lost her mind and she's escaping her former boss who erased her memory. In Remember Me you have superpowers to fight your enemies. On 14 June Animal Crossing: New Leaf will come to the Nintendo 3DS. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf you are mayor of a little town. You can create laws, build a nice little home, talk with villagers and many more things. Animal Crossing looks very cute. If you like games which are not very difficult but fun, Animal Crossing is a good game for you.

The best game which comes this month is for sure The Last of Us. The Last of Us is a PlayStation exclusive. The game looks great. The characters look very nice and the environments give a great atmosphere. People who played the game said that the soundtrack is very good and makes the game very exciting. The Last of Us is for sure one of the best games of 2013, so I could recommend you to buy it. On the 25th of June Company of Heroes 2 will be released. In Company of Heroes 2 you are commander of a World War 2 army. The game plays at the Eastern Front, so it the Germans against the Soviets.

The last big games will be released at the 28th of June. The first big title will be Ride to Hell: Retribution. In Ride to Hell: Retribution you will be a biker and you need to fight against an enemy biker gang. The setting is great for a action and shooting game, so hopefully it will be a good game. The last big game of this month is Deadpool. In Deadpool you play Deadpool, which is of course very strange. Deadpool looks awesome I think. Deadpool will be an okay game according to the ones who played it. The developer produced Transformer games before, so they know everything about action. Which game are you going to buy? I don't plan to buy any of the games which will be released.

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Written by: WZ

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