Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PES 2014

Konami announced PES 2014 today. The game will use the brand-new Fox engine. The game looks good, although I think FIFA 14 looks much better. Look for example at the lights on the right, they are just stripes. They players are recognisable, but they don't look very realistic. Konami promised some cool new features:

Motion Animation Stability System
With the Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.) the contact between players is made more realistic by several factors like weight, size and power of the players. The idea of M.A.S.S. is that duels become more exciting. I wonder how good this system works, because the differences between players are not very big.

TrueBall Tech
TrueBall Tech sounds cool, and it is cool. With TrueBall Tech you can control the ball very precise. You have the possibility to control the ball with two feet, which is actually very cool. Konami says that 'dribbling control is a much more personal attribute'. Hopefully it works very good, because it sounds already good.

With heart the players have a heart. You can see it beating and a realistic pace. That's a lie, it's really a system which gives the players a real moral. If the stadium is full with people, your players have a better moral and if one of them scores, he gets a moral boost. So if a player scores more, he get's a boost and he can score even faster. Sounds cool. Hopefully it's made nice and balanced so players don't get overpowered after scoring.

PES ID is actually a really boring feature, it only means that there approximately 100 types of players, based on real ones. So you got a Messi type and a Ronaldo type and so on. Quite boring but useful.

Team play
With Team play you can control up to three players from the team. While you control three players at a time you can use more advanced techniques to use the weak point of the other team as good as possible. I fear that Team play uses very much AI because you can't control three players individual, so the moves need to be done by the AI.

One last thing, the cameraman of one of the screenshots. Check the red rectangle on the image left. The knee of the cameraman is floating, and the foot is in the grass. It's very sad that Konami puts very much effort into a game, but they 'forget' to create a good looking cameraman. Which game is you favorite, PES 14 or FIFA 14? I don't like football games very much, so for me it's neither of the two.

Written by: WZ

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