Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Need for Speed

And I'm back again! This time I'm going to write about Need for Speed. The first Need for Speed I played was Need for Speed Most Wanted. I loved it, and I bought Need for Speed 510 for my PSP. Since then I played every game except for Nitro and World. The games all have one great thing in common: fast cars. I'm a huge car fan so Need for Speed is some kind of heaven for me, because I can drive the greatest, coolest, fastest and best cars of the world as fast as I can. Every Need for Speed I played so far looks very good. The cars are nice, the light is realistic and the environments are beautiful.

What I like the most from all games is drifting. I always liked to drift in every corner as long as I can. In Need for Speed the cars don't handle very realistic, but they handle on a way which keeps the game fun to play. Gran Turismo for example has cars which handle very realistic. In Gran Turismo a Bugatti Veyron is a understeered tank with a top speed of 400 km/u (250 mph). In Need for Speed it's also a tank, but it's still great to drive. That's why Need for Speed is my favorite racegame.

I borrowed Need for Speed Hot Pursuit from my cousin, and I finished it last weekend. I like the idea that you are a cop and a racer. The cop missions are very exciting and challenging, and if you find out how to wreck a racer as efficient as possible, the races are even more fun. Seacrest County looks very nice, and the roads are great to drive, thanks to the challenging corners, the hills and the view. Do you like Need for Speed?

Written by: WZ

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