Sunday, March 24, 2013

Playstation Plus review

Playstation Plus is a service from Playstation that gives you games. You pay fifty euro a year for a subscription or fifteen euro for ninety days. Every month you get free games. This month is Mass Effect 3 free for example. You are likely to think that the free games you get are not good, but that is not true. The last year games like Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands, Bioshock 2 and Red Dead Redemption were free. You don't only get free games, but also you unlock some extra system features. The extra system features are:
  • Automatic patch downloading and installing
  • Automatic save game uploading
Furthermore you get Playstation Store discounts. Most of the time you get between ten and 25 percent discount if you get it. You also get access to closed beta's, more avatars and more backgrounds. Last but not least you also get the opportunity to download a full game for free and play it for 60 minutes, so you can look if you like the game.

I think Playstation Plus is really worth it's price because of the things you get for free and the automatic system features are really useful. So get to your local game store and buy Playstation Plus!

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