Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's play Far Cry 3

The last days I played Far Cry 3. It was a long time ago so I taught it would be nice to do this game again. I did an outpost reset because I already captured every outpost and the island was boring without enemies. And then I captured every outpost again. The load-out I used was a bow, a Bushman, a Ripper and a Z93 with silencer and extended mags. I like this load-out because it's good for silent, but if you are in combat it's a total destruction load-out!

If you are in trouble the Ripper is ideal. It shoots many bullets per seconds but it deals also loads of damage. I use in battle the most of the time the Bushman. It deals a nice amount of damage and it has a good accuracy and range. The Bushman is a silenced weapon so theoretical you could stay hidden while cleaning Rook island, but I never succeeded. I have the Z93 in my inventory because it's an ideal silence weapon. Most of the time a search a nice place on a hill near the outpost and use stones to lure enemies away to remote places inside the camp. After killing several guys with a sniper I go to the camp and kill the last enemies with the bow or the Bushman. That is how I play Far Cry 3.

What do you think about Far Cry 3? Post it in the comments!

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