Friday, September 13, 2013

Assassins Creed Wall

Every time I come back from school, I drive past a wall with my bicycle. The wall contains always an advertisement for something, but in May, it was an amazing advertisement. I tweeted a picture of a picture of the amazing wall. The wall art contained a huge Assassin's Creed IV logo. Many of you liked it. When I went back to school, the wall was repainted. Now it looks even better. The wall contains the boxart of Assassin's Creed IV! It looks in real life way better than on my pictures, so if you're in Amsterdam, check it out!

I did some research to know a bit more about the wall. There is a company called ikwilgraffiti (I want graffiti) who make murals, paintings, rooms and give workshops. They made both the paintings. If you want to know how they made the murals, click here.

I think this way is a great way to promote a video game. Every time I drive past it I'm amazed by the size and beauty. Do you have any amazing game paintings in your neighborhood?

Written by: WZ

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