Saturday, July 20, 2013

Uncharted 3 Review

Uncharted 3, one of the best reviewed games from this console generation, is free with PlayStation Plus. I was very excited about this game, after seeing the Metacritic score of 92. It seems like everybody loves this game, IGN said about this game: 'The characters, the graphics, the sound, the story – they're all top notch' and Machinima loves this game too: 'Every single aspect of Uncharted 3, including its surprisingly robust multiplayer, is staggeringly well-executed.' Enough reason for me to be excited.

The game has great light, beautiful designed environments and the faces of the people look beautiful. Most of the gameplay is fun. The climbing is challenging and is never boring. Climbing is easy, but not too easy. Thanks to constantly changing environments it stays exciting. The voice acting is done very well, the voices of the characters are very good and they are very clear. I can keep being positive about nearly everything, but there are enough people who do that, so believe me: nearly everything is very good.

I liked about every thing about Uncharted 3, except for two things. The first one is the gunfights. Every time they bored me. Shooting is too easy. It's so easy, that 100 of the 233 kills I made at a certain moment were headshots. That's nearly half of my kills. Every gun feels the same, the only thing which is different is the fire rate and the damage. Yes I know there is an RPG which is different, but that weapon is badass, just like every other game! Throwing grenades is made very easy. If you hit the L2 button, the grenade is thrown to the place where you aim. In the beginning of the game it isn't a big problem that gunfights are boring, but at the end of the game you shoot all the time. Only the shooting from a horse is fun, but that is because you need to control a horse while aiming.

The second disadvantage is the repeating of the same part again, and again. Nearly every mission is the 'same' as another mission. Missions are nearly always like this: Some climbing, then a bunch of enemies to kill, then some climbing, a puzzle and then your result of the puzzle will be stolen by the bad guys and girls. Because of the repeating of missions, the game also starts to bore.

Uncharted 3 is great. Everything is beautiful and made with loads of care, except for the gunfights. They are boring. Missions are often the same, which is sad, because it's totally unnecessary.

Written by: WZ

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