Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Multiplayer and racegames

Race games are fun to play and often competitive, but the AI can be a bit too easy. That's why many of the race games have a multiplayer. The multiplayer often have the serious races, but also fun events. In the fun events you need to do something which is challenging, but often not too difficult. Drifting the longest distance, jumping as far as possible or stopping within the right area are some examples of these fun events. But, all above isn't the reason why I wrote this article. The reason why I wrote this article, are the people who play the multiplayer games.

Most people drive normal and try to avoid crashes. They are very fun to race against. But some people are so annoying. The only thing they do is using you or the other players as crash barrier. A couple of days ago I came across one of these people when playing DiRT 3. In DiRT 3 you have a rating which indicates how clean you drive. Green means clean, white means sometimes an accident, yellow means that you don't try to avoid an accident and red means that you have accidents all the time. The guy I raced against had a white rating and I had a green rating. I started first and he started second. When I entered the second corner, that guy crashed into me. I thought it was just an accident, so I didn't care too much. At the first checkpoint I was three seconds behind him. After two laps I passed him, at the first corner after passing him, he crashed again into me. I was two seconds behind him after that accident and I finished second. The next race went nearly the same. Because of these crashes my rating was lowered to white.

I don't understand how a guy who crashes into me can have a good rating. I think that the developers of games should improve their rating systems because these people are very demotivating, and I think that is the last thing you want as a developer. It's also annoying that my rating is lowered because somebody crashes into me. This problem doesn't only exist in race games, but also in any other game. Hopefully the developers of this world will find a solution to this problem, because that will be good for the fun of a game.

Written by: WZ

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